Ziyang Huang


Zi is a rising sophomore in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. She is a philosophical dreamer who is determined to see the most magical moments of this life. She enjoys writing poetry, novels, and experiencing our shared humanity. Pursuing true beauty and excellence in all facets of life gives her true joy.

Zi is currently the Advocacy Chair of the United Asian Americans Organization (UAAO) on campus, which is comprised of over 10 Asian/ Pacific Islander Americans and serves as the umbrella organization for one of the biggest cultural organizations on campus. She works closely with administration to ensure true inclusion for all students on campus.

Zi is interested in seeing the connection between social justice and POS, as well as how positivity practices can be applied to all dimensions of life. She is constantly overwhelmed by just how much of POS is related to the ancient philosophy books she peruses. She hopes to do bountiful, extraordinary work with the center in the years to come, and ultimately hopes to see more fulfilling workplaces and lives through her efforts.