Reflected Best Self Exercise™

The Reflected Best Self Exercise™ (RBSE) is a feedback seeking exercise that helps you identify and understand your unique strengths and talents. After you gather feedback from significant people in your life, the RBSE guides you through the process of creating a portrait of your best self and an action plan for leveraging your strengths.

The 2nd Edition of the Reflected Best Self Exercise features the most useful elements of the booklet Bringing My Reflected Best Self to Life, which was retired in 2011.


Use of the RBSE involves a license fee. For an additional fee, the Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) can manage the data collection process for more than 10 participants.

As the administrator, CPO will:

  • Work with clients to customize the timeline and messaging
  • Provide an online system for participants and feedback givers to input relevant information
  • Collect feedback stories, monitor submissions against the pre-determined timeline, and send reminders as necessary
  • Deliver full set of feedback stories as an individual report for each participant
  • Provide administrative and technical support to the clients, participants, and feedback story writers
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License Fees

  • Academic/non-profit: $9.00 (per participant)
  • Standard/corporate: $15.00 (per participant)

License + Service Fees (for 10+ participants)

  • Academic/non-profit: $9.00 + $21.00 (per participant)
  • Standard/corporate: $15.00 + $50.00 (per participant)

How to purchase

  • To purchase individual licenses for the Reflected Best Self Exercise, please click the “purchase” link to the left.
  • To arrange additional RBSE administration services, email
  • For a teaching note and preview copy, please contact