Thriving Accelerator Workshops

A Thriving Accelerator is an immersive workshop from the Center for Positive Organizations about a topic in the science of thriving. After completing a workshop, students will be able to immediately implement their learnings to create lasting personal and organizational impact.

All University of Michigan students (including undergraduates, graduate students, and PhD students) are welcome to register for any or all of these free Thriving Accelerator Workshops.

Magnify Immersion Program (Spring Semester)

Magnify is six-credit academic program for bringing Positive Organizational Scholarship to U-M’s best and brightest students in order to learn, identify, and employ POS principles and practices that build high-performing organizations that enable people to thrive. The course is composed of three components: classroom work, action-learning, and an integrated reflection.


The Center for Positive Organizations offers undergraduate students a variety of opportunities to engage with our community. Center faculty members teach POS-themed courses in the Ross School of Business BBA program, and students also have the opportunity to engage in fellowships, seminars, and events with other Center students as well as with Center faculty and staff.


Students in the MBA program at the Ross School of Business have the unique opportunity to take a number of courses taught by faculty members of the Center for Positive Organizations. These courses are informed by the research findings in the field of positive organizational scholarship, and challenge students to give new meaning to the aspiration to “make a positive difference in the world.”


University of Michigan doctoral students interested in the Center for Positive Organizations and its positive organizational scholarship research are strongly encouraged to contact Center faculty members to explore possible research opportunities.

Executive Education

Senior leaders looking to build strong, creative teams; manage organizational opportunities and challenges; and strengthen their own personal leadership skills are invited to explore the Positive Leadership programs offered through Ross School of Business Executive Education. The program’s curriculum is based on the positive organizational scholarship research pioneered at the Center, and Center faculty members lead the program.