Our Mission

The Center for Positive Organizations is the leading global home for the science and practice of designing and sustaining thriving organizations.

Our Vision

Thriving. It exists on the personal level. It exists on a relational level. And it exists on an organizational level. As the world rapidly shifts, we are helping it move toward something more powerful and purposeful. A world where both organizations and their people are energized and enthusiastic, finding purpose, productivity, and passion at work.

As a pioneer of Positive Organizational Scholarship, the Center for Positive Organizations is reaching a new level as the world prepares for a new time. Housed in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, we are actively and passionately helping prepare the organizations of today, create the leaders of tomorrow, and build a sustainable future of meaning for all.

Using a depth of research and a breadth of evidence, we help organizations thrive, we help inspire individuals to realize potential, and we help build students who will influence change and create impact.

We are a Center of research. A Center of evidence. A Center of action. And a Center of humanity.

The Center for Positive Organizations
The science of thriving.