Undergraduate Education

The Center’s undergraduate courses introduce students to the Center for Positive Organizations and its research on Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS). The courses offer students a hands-on experience with POS through a unique combination of academic coursework, action-based learning, engagement with the Center’s broad community of scholars and practitioners, and participation in related University and community events.

Class listing

The following courses at the University of Michigan are infused with Positive Organizational Scholarship.


The +LAB brings together undergraduate and graduate students from across the university in a dynamic learning environment designed to immerse students in the theory and practice of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) and equip students to apply what they have learned and prepare them to become organizational change agents.

The +LAB runs through the academic year with an expected commitment of 2-3 hours throughout the year. Fellows engage in developmental education sessions called huddles, enroll in a 7-week course about the growing domain of positive organizational scholarship, and contribute to work that is important to the life of the Center for Positive Organizations.

Magnify Immersion Program

The Magnify Immersion Program is a spring semester immersive academic program that brings Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) to students in order to learn, identify, and apply POS principles and practices to build high-performing organizations that enable people to thrive.

The course is composed of three components: classroom work, action-learning, and an integrated reflection. Students learn about the latest POS research, principles, and practices and spend are embedded at a partner organization working with high-level change agents to observe and interpret positive capabilities.

Questions about the +LAB or Magnify Immersion Program can be directed to cpo-learning-programs@umich.edu.