Teaching Resources During the Time of COVID

Have you ever taught an online course that students didn’t want to leave? If not, would you like to learn how?

The Center for Positive Organizations has created a set of resources designed for teachers who are transitioning to an online platform that help (re)imagining thriving a classroom in the time of COVID.

The emphasis is on (re)imagining classrooms by applying a framework of flexible structures—such as roles, routines, networks, and cultures—to design a thriving online classroom.

Examples, stories, tools, and inspiration are drawn from an online Spring Semester class, called Magnify, at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Magnify is an undergraduate immersion course that introduces 45 students to the field of Positive Organizational Scholarship and engages them in a placement with a partner organization.

Resources include:

  • Recorded highlights of the 4-part (Re)Imagining Thriving Classrooms in the Time of COVID conversation series held summer 2020
  • Tools and artifacts used to design a thriving online classroom
  • Short video tutorial library, called Tiny Teach Library, related to tools for (re)imaging thriving classrooms
  • Course syllabus and classroom manifesto

All of the resources are organized on a Padlet, which is one of the tools used in the online Magnify class this spring. (A Padlet is part webpage and part bulletin board, where links to videos, slide decks, images, and files can be shared.)