Groundbreaking research made practical.

The faculty and doctoral students at the Center for Positive Organizations are world-class researchers. Their work is frequently featured in top journals and industry-leading books. The following White Papers make this research easily available to business leaders, students, and anybody else interested in Positive Organizational Scholarship. Two to three page distillations of articles and chapters, White Papers offer definitions and examples of foundational POS concepts, as well as practical lessons about how to implement positive practices in the workplace.

Change the Way You Lead Change (Robert E. Quinn and Ned Wellman)

Compassion Revealed (Jacoba M. Lilius, Jason Kanov, Jane Dutton, Monica C. Worline, and Sally Maitlis)

Driving Leadership Development with Positivity (Scott DeRue and Kristina M. Workman)

Exploring the Relationships Between Organizational Virtuousness and Performance (Kim Cameron, David Bright, and Arran Caza)

High-Quality Connections (John Paul Stephens, Emily Heaphy, Jane Dutton)

Human Energy in Organizations (Gretchen Spreitzer, Chak Fu Lam, Ryan W. Quinn)

It’s the Little Things That Matter: An Examination of Knowledge Workers’ Energy Management (Charlotte Fritz, Chak Fu Lam, and Gretchen Spreitzer)

Managing for the Unexpected (Kathleen Sutcliffe and Marlys K. Christianson)

Paying it Forward Vs. Rewarding Reputation: Mechanisms of Generalized Reciprocity (Wayne Baker & Nathaniel Bulkley)

Virtuousness and Performance: A Productive Partnership (Kim Cameron)

Why (In)justice in the Workplace Matters (David Mayer)

Why it Pays to Ensure Adequate Sleep for Your Employees (Christopher Barnes & Gretchen Spreitzer)