Supporting the Center for Positive Organizations

The Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) at the University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business was founded in 2002 to provide a focus and impetus for scholarship and teaching.

Over the years, we’ve developed engaging opportunities to spark debate, compel action, and inspire further research.

While our impact has been far-reaching and powerful, our mission—to build a better world through the science and practice of thriving organizations—now requires renewed focus.

Yesterday’s organizational models are being disrupted. Stress and challenges to our well-being are depleting people and organizations. New ways of thinking that unlock the potential of people and work systems to solve complex problems are more critical than ever, and CPO is uniquely positioned to lead the way.

Our Goals

Over the next three years, CPO will focus on expanding specific areas that will further develop our students and energize and inform our community.


We will strengthen our already robust student programs. We will equip more Ross students with the knowledge and tools—personal, experiential, and academic—to create and steward the thriving organizations of tomorrow.

We plan to launch a student program dedicated to designing thriving organizations. This program will expand on our innovative coursework; create workshops and training sessions; provide research opportunities with our world-class faculty; and broaden field immersion experiences.


We will make our vigorous research and teaching resources easier to find and use in the service of designing thriving organizations. To this end, we’ll build a system to organize our content in a way that is user-centric and accessible. Are you an alum looking for a research article from your capstone course on thriving? Are you a working professional looking for information on creating a strengths-based workplace? We can help.


We will support and expand on the research that uniquely defines us and enhances the student experiences. We will develop ways to measure our impact on students and create postdoctoral research opportunities.

Give to Support Our Work

These goals are important and attainable, and we need support to achieve them. Every gift will help us help students and organizations thrive.

To learn more about opportunities to support CPO, visit the Leaders & Best giving website or contact Managing Director Michelle Hunt Bruner.