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Laura Morgan Roberts on the Four Freedoms We Want at Work

July 15, 2024

By: Laura Morgan Roberts

Workplaces today are facing many challenges, and among the largest are how to support the engagement and well-being of their employees and how to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in an environment where momentum for DEI work is waning. Based on my two decades of research in organizational psychology, one pathway forward that addresses […]


How to Create More Belonging for Yourself and Others with Geoffrey Cohen

June 20, 2024

By: Geoffrey Cohen

Before a big, make-or-break presentation to shareholders, a rising employee in Silicon Valley was feeling nervous. Although her career was going well, it was still difficult to make it in a male-dominated industry, and she often felt like she didn’t belong. But before the talk, her CEO came up to her, looked her in the […]


Putting Humanity Back in the Human Enterprise

April 2, 2024

Building organizational cultures of compassion, connection, and meaning According to the Deloitte 2024 Global Human Capital Trends Report, organizations are at a watershed moment. “Many organizations have transitioned from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy and now to an economy that is powered by the hearts, minds, and essential human traits of people — […]


Empowering Change Agents: The Impact of the Thriving Catalyst Endorsement Program

March 8, 2024

The Center for Positive Organizations’ Thriving Catalyst Endorsement Program is a launchpad for positive change makers grounded in the science and practice of thriving organizations. Students craft personalized program trajectories and pacing that align with their unique career goals and interests and emerge equipped with the capacity to unlock greater passion, energy, connection, and purpose. […]


Shawn Quinn headshot

Shawn Quinn on Leading Organizational Transformation with Positive Leadership

January 31, 2024

So, what can leaders do to influence the changes needed? Shawn Quinn, Executive Education faculty at Michigan Ross and CPO Faculty Advisory Board member, illuminates the path forward through the lens of positive leadership in this interview, explaining its role and relevancy in recent years of uncertainty and what learners can expect in the executive […]


Chase Dautrich headshot

The Center for Positive Organizations Recognizes First Thriving Catalyst Endorsement Recipient

January 8, 2024

The Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) is pleased to recognize Chase Dautrich (BS ‘23) as the inaugural Thriving Catalyst Endorsement recipient. The Thriving Catalyst Endorsement program is a launchpad for positive change makers grounded in the science of thriving who emerge equipped with the capacity to unlock greater passion, energy, connection, and purpose. Chase completed […]


Cheri Alexander and Marcus Collins headshot.

Cheri Alexander and Marcus Collins Co-Create Michigan Online Course ‘Personal Branding: Stand Out and Succeed’

November 13, 2023

Friends of the Center for Positive Organizations and faculty from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Cheri Alexander and Marcus Collins co-created an online course, ‘Personal Branding: Stand Out and Succeed,’ with Michigan Online. ‘Personal Branding: Stand Out and Succeed’ is a course for individuals seeking to build a brand that reflects their […]


Monica Worline and Jane Dutton headshot.

Jane Dutton and Monica Worline share four ways to create high-quality connections at work

October 24, 2023

By: Jane Dutton & Monica Worline

Three years ago, we met a woman named Denise when we visited her organization to offer a workshop. Denise shared her passion for learning about organizational culture and culture change. We had a brief, energizing conversation about how she was transferring what she was learning about culture change at work to her volunteer role at […]


Communities of Practice with Chris Murchison

August 2, 2023

In this podcast episode, “A Company Must be a Community of Practice” on The Conversation Factory, Positive Organization Design and Culture Consultant Chris Murchison provides insights on how “building a positive culture within an organization requires, essentially, creating a community of practice.” Chris shares four key principles to help you create an effective community of practice. […]


Equitable environments with Maryam Kouchaki

August 2, 2023

Maryam Kouchaki and her co-authors came together in this Harvard Business Review article, “Research: Why Managers Deny Inequity in Their Own Organizations” to provide research regarding inequities in organizations, the “motivated reasoning” phenomenon, and what leaders can do to recognize and tackle inequities.  Pay gaps, opportunities, and treatment at work are some examples of where […]