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Emotional well-being is key to mentorship, CPO researchers tell Harvard Business Review

November 10, 2020

Tending to emotional well-being is at the core of the mentor-mentee relationship, write Center for Positive Organizations faculty associates David P. Fessell and Sanjay Saint in the Harvard Business Review article “Mentoring During a Crisis.” The article—co-authored with Vineet Chopra, an Associate Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Division of Hospital Medicine at Michigan […]


Jane Dutton receives honorary doctorate from Erasmus University Rotterdam

November 5, 2020

Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) core faculty member Jane Dutton has been awarded an honorary doctorate degree, Erasmus University Rotterdam reports. The Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University honored Dutton for her internationally recognized contributions to research on management and leadership. “Jane’s legacy is that she has helped us look at organisations, and our own […]


Zooming in on celebrations!

October 27, 2020

By: Jane Dutton, Arne Carlsen, Sally Maitlis

Photo by Ambreen Hasan on Unsplash Celebrations are underrated and underutilized in our virtual worlds. This blog is a celebration of celebrations on Zoom or on any of your favorite virtual platforms. It is a call to celebrate more and to use our imaginations in how we come together to mark important milestones and accomplishments, […]


CPO inspires successful researcher and author

October 26, 2020

CPO inspires successful researcher and author Scott Sonenshein “The faculty at the Center have taught me how to approach research in a way that’s been helpful for my own work, encouraging me to focus on questions that really matter.” Scott Sonenshein says he has the Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) to thank for his successful […]


Daily breath work can cut stress, CPO researcher writes in Harvard Business Review

October 23, 2020

Photo: Tim Goedhart from Unsplash Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) doctoral student affiliate Christina Bradley is a co-author of the Harvard Business Review article “Research: Why Breathing Is So Effective at Reducing Stress.” The article explains how practicing SKY Breath Meditation — a series of breathing and meditation exercises designed to induce calm and resilience — can help […]


A personal interest in the gig economy’s impacts

October 19, 2020

A personal interest in the gig economy’s impacts Lindsey D. Cameron “It made me curious about how changes in the modern workplace … affect workers in the gig economy. It’s what led me to study how people interact with algorithms, instead of a supervisor.” It was hard for Lindsey D. Cameron to watch her mother […]


Changing the frame: Family photos on your desk could make you more ethical on the job

October 16, 2020

Got your grinning kid or smiling spouse in a frame on your desk? You’re less likely to lie to your boss or pad that expense report. That’s the key finding of a study co-authored by Dave Mayer, a business ethics professor at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. It’s certainly among the most down-to-earth insights […]


Four keys to a healthy workplace hierarchy

October 9, 2020

By: Lindred Greer

As much as we might want to abolish them, hierarchies serve a purpose at work. In my 20s, I wanted to overthrow hierarchies at work. When I would see bad leadership, I blamed the hierarchy—structures where certain people have more power or influence than others, forcing us into dominance and aggression and conflict. In the […]


Academy of Management honors Michigan Ross, Center for Positive Organizations professors with several top awards

October 8, 2020

Four members of the management and organizations faculty at the Ross School of Business have earned prestigious honors from the Academy of Management, a pre-eminent professional association for business school faculty and practitioners worldwide. Sue Ashford: Organizational Behavior Division Lifetime Achievement Award Sue Ashford, the Michael and Susan Jandernoa Professor of Management and Organizations and […]


COVID-19 stories: Michigan Ross MBA alum launches training program for pod learning just in time for the new school year

September 25, 2020

Photo: Anika Smith In just four weeks, Sarah Kurtz McKinnon, MBA ’18, launched Pod School Prep in response to the childcare and education crisis that the country is facing due to COVID-19. Parents and organizations across the country are starting what has been dubbed “learning pods” for kids to do virtual schoolwork in-person in small groups with […]


CPO’s September newsletter

September 24, 2020

The September 2020 issue of the Center for Positive Organization’s newsletter is now out. Read through this issue (as well as past issues) here and subscribe to future issues here.