Cheri Alexander and Marcus Collins headshot.

Cheri Alexander and Marcus Collins Co-Create Michigan Online Course ‘Personal Branding: Stand Out and Succeed’

November 13, 2023

Friends of the Center for Positive Organizations and faculty from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Cheri Alexander and Marcus Collins co-created an online course, ‘Personal Branding: Stand Out and Succeed,’ with Michigan Online.

‘Personal Branding: Stand Out and Succeed’ is a course for individuals seeking to build a brand that reflects their values to advance their careers and stay competitive in their fields. You will explore how to create a brand that’s authentically you. Learn to build your brand from the ground up by defining your values and creating a personal brand identity to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Within the course, you will have access to The Reflected Best Self Exercise™ (RBSE), created by the Center for Positive Organizations. RBSE is a feedback-seeking exercise tool to help amplify the highest level of human potential by identifying and understanding your unique strengths and talents.

“Personal brands are how people know us… your brand or the brand of a person needs to be authentic and founded in one’s own values and goals. People are attracted to others whose brand is true and positive and makes others feel good.”Cheri Alexander

Course overview:

Course takeaways:

  • Articulate the components of a strong brand.
  • Explain the similarities and differences between product branding and personal branding.
  • Define your values and translate them into a meaningful personal brand identity.

This course is free for current U-M students, faculty, and staff. $49 registration fee for anyone outside of the University of Michigan.

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