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Gretchen Spreitzer

Gretchen Spreitzer quoted in The Cut story about feedback for remote workers

January 8, 2018

Gretchen Spreitzer was quoted in The Cut, part of New York Magazine, about the difficulty of giving and receiving feedback to people who work remotely. In “The worst part of working remotely is trying to guess what your boss is thinking,” Spreitzer explains the need for feedback that is both written and face-to-face. “[In person,] […]


2018 Positive Business Project applications are open!

January 5, 2018

Is your organization dedicated to creating positive change? Then we want to hear from you! The Positive Business Project is an annual student-led initiative presented by the Michigan Ross Center for Positive Organizations aimed at identifying, studying, celebrating, and spreading positive business in organizations of all types. Each year, submissions to the Project are reviewed by a panel […]


Kim Cameron interviewed on The Business of Giving

December 20, 2017

Kim Cameron recently appeared on The Business of Giving, a weekly podcast focused on solutions to today’s complex social problems. During the interview, Cameron spoke about one of the foundational questions of his research: “what we’ve done over the last fifteen years is to ask the question, do [positivity and virtuousness] affect performance in areas […]


Jane Dutton and Monica C. Worline

Awakening Compassion at Work named a favorite book of 2017 by Greater Good Magazine

December 18, 2017

Awakening Compassion at Work: The Quiet Power That Elevates People and Organizations, by Jane Dutton and Monica Worline, was chosen by Greater Good‘s editorial staff as a favorite book of 2017. “While employers might consider compassion unnecessary ‘fluff,’” they write, “Worline and Dutton provide proof that it’s anything but—and instead show how compassion is a win-win […]


Adam Grant quoted in Quartz article on holiday gift giving in the workplace

December 15, 2017

What should you give your manager, employee, or colleague this holiday season? A recent article from Quartz offers Adam Grant‘s advice: “what if we each picked ten people and told them what we appreciate about them?” Grant’s idea comes by way of the Reflected Best Self Exercise, which he first encountered in graduate school at […]


“Peaceful partnerships,” latest Forbes blog by Rob Dube

December 13, 2017

Rob Dube, from Positive Organizations Consortium member company imageOne, penned an op-ed for Forbes about how he uses mindful meditation to both run his organization and strengthen his 26-year relationship with his business partner. In the decade since starting my meditation practice, I’ve noticed a huge shift in our partnership.  


Chris White

Three steps to create a feedback culture

December 12, 2017

By: Chris White

Many things stand in the way of creating a culture conducive to giving and receiving feedback. Sometimes, these challenges seem so insurmountable that we stop trying. We simply opt not to take the psychological and relational risk involved with these difficult conversations. We just say nothing. Or, even worse, we default to destructive, passive-aggressive communication. […]


Mari Kira co-authors study in the Journal of Vocational Behavior

December 5, 2017

Mari Kira’s co-authored study, “Can I come as I am? Refugees’ vocational identity threats, coping, and growth” has been published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior. With colleagues in Germany and in Canada, Kira writes about “how transition experiences impact refugees’ personal and career-related growth in the new country.” Kira is the Center for Positive […]


Wayne Baker, Jane Dutton, Ashley Hardin quoted by HBR about personal crisis at work

November 30, 2017

Wayne Baker, Jane Dutton, Ashley Hardin are quoted in the Harvard Business Review article, “What to do when a personal crisis is hurting your professional life.” The article presents strategies for dealing with crisis and cites research by Baker, Dutton, and Hardin. Baker is Robert P. Thome Professor of Business and Faculty Director of the CPO Consortium. […]


$2.2 mil awarded to Wayne Baker’s tech startup, Give and Take Inc.

November 30, 2017

Wayne Baker’s Give and Take Inc., a tech startup based on reciprocity and giving research by Baker, Cheryl Baker, and Adam Grant, has raised seed money and launched a beta version software platform, called Givitas, reports Crain’s Detroit, “Ann Arbor startup gets $2.2 million in funding.” “We’ve been helping companies leverage the concepts of generalized […]


Sanjay Saint co-authored an article on mentoring for the Harvard Business Review

November 16, 2017

Sanjay Saint co-authored, “What mentors wish their mentees knew” for the Harvard Business Review. The article explores the role and characteristics of a successful mentee in academic medicine and beyond. Saint is a faculty associate with the Center for Positive Organizations, the George Dock Professor of Internal Medicine at Michigan Medicine, and the Chief of […]