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+LAB alum Kelsea Ballantyne featured in Erb publication

January 10, 2019

Taking off at Boeing Kelsea Ballantyne was featured in the alumni section of the Fall 2018 issue of the Erb Institute’s Magazine ICYMI. She offers insight into her current position at Boeing and discusses how she utilizes skills, techniques, and activities learned during her time at the University of Michigan, notably from the Center for […]


Kim Cameron interviewed by 15Five about mastering 1-on-1 meetings

January 8, 2019

Kim Cameron was recently interviewed for 15Five’s blog, Talk Nerdy To Me. During his “Mastering Your 1-on-1 Meetings” interview, Cameron talks about the development of the academic field of Positive Organizational Scholarship, how it relates to organizational and individual performance, and the importance of one-on-one meetings between managers and employees. 15Five was honored with a […]


Menlo Innovations talks about joy in HBR IdeaCast podcast

January 7, 2019

Menlo Innovation’s CEO on creating positive workplace culture Menlo Innovation’s CEO and Chief Storyteller Richard Sheridan was interviewed for the Harvard Business Review IdeaCast segment titled, “How One CEO Creates Joy at Work.” In the interview, Sheridan discusses how he discovered what truly matters in a workplace environment and how he continues efforts to bring […]


Forecast 2019: Gender and the ‘nice’ penalty at work

December 27, 2018

Professor David Mayer says organizations should support positive behaviors. Q: How are “nice guys” penalized at work? MAYER: We know there are stereotypes of men and women at work. When women display behaviors that are inconsistent with the feminine stereotype, they are less likely to be hired and are viewed as less competent. We’ve seen […]


Forecast 2019: Mastering the gig economy

December 26, 2018

Professor Sue Ashford offers advice for navigating the new world of work. Q: The gig economy expands every year, with some forecasts indicating gig jobs will represent 40 percent of all jobs by 2020. What do you think is driving this? ASHFORD: It certainly is prevalent: Over 50 percent of millennials are already working in […]


Forecast 2019: Climate change reality takes firmer hold

December 21, 2018

Professor Andy Hoffman argues that fundamental shifts in thinking are required. Q. How do you expect the public debate on climate change to shift in the coming year? HOFFMAN: The public debate over climate change is changing right now in some very interesting ways. Until now, the focus has mostly been on the science, and […]


Baker, Cameron, and Dutton’s research cited in Psychology Today

December 20, 2018

Do they leave you energized or drained? A number of research studies conducted by Wayne Baker, Kim Cameron, and Jane Dutton were cited in a recent Psychology Today post titled, “Do Some People Energize You While Others Drain You?” Baker is Faculty Director of the Center for Positive Organization (CPO) and Robert P. Thome Professor […]


Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron’s research cited in Forbes article

December 3, 2018

Redefining ‘nice’ as it relates to leadership Kim Cameron’s research was cited in a recent Forbes article, “When Being Nice Backfires.” The article deliberates the idea that leaders, often employers, struggle to draw the line between being nice to their employees and being pushovers, largely because of the many nuances there are to “being nice” […]


Consortium member organizations involved with Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces

November 9, 2018

For the 11th consecutive year, Energage, a company that helps to measure employee engagement, partnered with the Detroit Free Press to determine the Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces. Among the 2018 winners are consortium members ImageOne and Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC. ImageOne ranked first in the “Small Companies” category (1-149 employees), while Marsh & […]


Chris White interviewed on Redesigning Wellness podcast

November 8, 2018

Chris White was interviewed on a Redesigning Wellness podcast titled “Creating Change Without Authority.” Often times in the workplace, individuals feel they lack the authority that is seemingly required in order to make a positive change. White debunks this perception and offers ways to lead positive change without authority. He also discusses the energy that […]


Julia Lee interviewed for ‘Talk Nerdy To Me’ blog

November 6, 2018

Julia Lee was recently interviewed for 15Five’s blog, Talk Nerdy To Me. In the post, titled “The Missing Part of Your Employee Learning and Development Strategy: Strengths Discovery,” Lee discussed the Reflected Best Self Exercise (RBSE), an exercise created from research at the Center for Positive Organizations and Ross School of Business. RBSE is a […]


Chris White to appear on the ‘Dr. Nandi Show’

November 6, 2018

Could forming a purpose with others help you live longer? Chris White will appear on an upcoming episode of the Dr. Nandi Show with the theme ‘Connecting With Others.’ White’s interview will shed light on the stigma surrounding loneliness and how feelings of loneliness are often perceived as signs of weakness. In the episode, White […]