Awe can boost well-being, David P. Fessell writes in Psychology Today

December 22, 2021

David Fessell

Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) faculty associate David P. Fessell writes about “New Insights From the Science of Awe” in Psychology Today.

The article explores a slew of recent evidence that points to a causal relationship between awe and well-being. Research shows that experiencing the wonder of nature, art, music, or inspiring people also can buffer stress and renew our energy, Fessell writes. But, he cautions that awe isn’t a cure for burnout.

“Know that moments of awe and wonder matter, even those that may seem insignificant,” Fessell writes. “Their very smallness just may be a counterintuitive gift—they’re accessible and ever-present. Cultivate and savor them to boost your energy and enhance your thinking. And be sure to share them to strengthen relationships that nurture your well-being.”

David Fessell, MD, is an executive coach, and retired Professor of Radiology at the University of Michigan.