Chase Dautrich headshot

The Center for Positive Organizations Recognizes First Thriving Catalyst Endorsement Recipient

January 8, 2024

The Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) is pleased to recognize Chase Dautrich (BS ‘23) as the inaugural Thriving Catalyst Endorsement recipient. The Thriving Catalyst Endorsement program is a launchpad for positive change makers grounded in the science of thriving who emerge equipped with the capacity to unlock greater passion, energy, connection, and purpose.

Chase completed the Thriving Catalyst Endorsement program in April and received the endorsement credential prior to his graduation. Chase had an early interest in optimizing team productivity while making others feel welcome, which started in high school and continued into his undergraduate experience with the U-M Sustainable Food Program (UMSFP) and his business minor. These interests and connections led Chase to the Management as a Calling Program, created by CPO Faculty Associate Andy Hoffman. The program includes the study of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS), a field dedicated to unlocking and nurturing the highest level of human potential in organizations and communities. Upon learning about POS and that CPO is a pioneer of the field, Chase jumped at the opportunity to learn more by enrolling in CPO’s Thriving Catalyst Endorsement Program.

The program allowed Chase to understand the prominence of high-quality connections and relationship building. Chase explained how important it is for his overall success and well-being, to create connections with those around him every chance he gets. Using practices he learned, such as compassion and intentionality, he now is equipped to carry out those behaviors in real-life situations and create positive impact in organizations.

“Positive Organizational Scholarship has ingrained in me an appreciation for how important relationships are in my overall success and well-being. I am proud of my affiliation with the Center for Positive Organizations and am grateful for all that they’ve offered.”

Chase noted that he viewed his time while earning the Thriving Catalyst Endorsement as an investment for his future personal and professional self. He explained that you get out of the endorsement what you put into it and to not be afraid to dedicate some of your coursework or extracurricular space to its fulfillment. “Flourishing is not an inherent quality to any group of people, it must be cultivated,” Chase added. 

Since graduating, Chase has joined EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services sub-practice where he hopes to work with food sector clients to improve the transparency and sustainability of their supply chains. Chase believes it’s important for strategists and corporate leaders to have a hands-on appreciation and understanding of the work done at every level of the corporate structure. He hopes the experiences and skills he’s learning now will translate into knowledge bases that he can leverage down the line when trying to improve supply chains.

The Thriving Catalyst Endorsement program launched in Fall 2022 with the goal of enrolling 50 students across the University of Michigan. Currently, over 130 students are enrolled, with 14 of 19 schools and colleges represented. To earn the Thriving Catalyst Endorsement, grounded in the science of thriving, students craft personalized program trajectories and pacing that align with their unique career goals and interests. Program activities include rapid immersion workshops, courses, online speaker series sessions, in-person events, action learning projects, and more. Upon completion, students are awarded a resume-worthy badge that publicly demonstrates their commitment to promote thriving for themselves, others, and organizations as a whole. Learn more about the Thriving Catalyst Endorsement Program.