Reflections of a positive leader in trying times

By: David Drews

“Each of us needs to do our part. If we show compassion. If we have empathy. If we understand where others are coming from, we are going to make this world a better place. We are going to make this country a better place.”

Editor’s note: this video offers a leader’s reflections on the immediate needs in American society that were exposed by the divisions of the 2016 election and invites other leaders to understand what is happening and how they can work to become more positive leaders in trying times.

David Drews is an Executive in Residence at the Center for Positive Organizations. He is Founder and CEO of Justus Equity, LLC. Justus Equity provides expertise on how employee ownership can be successfully structured to drive sustained long term business growth which fully aligns employee interests with corporate interests. In short, owning “a piece of the rock” is a tremendous motivator that creates real value and, when properly implemented, can create “a larger pie” which benefits everyone in the organization.