Dan Eisenberg presenting his research during the 200th Adderley Positive Research Incubator session.

Invited researchers: See list of 2023-24 Adderley Incubator talks here.

Adderley Positive Research Incubator

Since our first gathering in 2004, the Adderley Positive Research Incubator has enabled researchers in the field of Positive Organizational Scholarship to share early research ideas while still in development. This safe space encourages the development of high-quality research and allows for positive, constructive feedback on projects still in progress.

On October 10, 2016, we honored the generous support of Terence E. Adderley with the naming of the Adderley Positive Research Incubator.

The December 2018 presentation by Dan Eisenberg, titled “Healthy Minds: Addressing Mental Health and Help-Seeking Behavior in College Student Populations,” marked the 200th Adderley Positive Research Incubator presentation. Watch his presentation here.

In the spring of 2021, we relaunched the Adderley Positive Research Incubator to celebrate and invest in the research ideas of young scholars (doctoral students and junior faculty members). We have redesigned the incubator to enable young scholars to offer research ideas and have designated faculty (what we call seed generators) build on these ideas.

The design also invites incubator attendees (from our 750+ person Community of Scholars) to add their suggestions and add-ons. By design, the research incubator is an exciting forum for the growth, celebration, and expansion of research ideas aimed at fostering our understanding of the science of thriving organizations.

For more information about the Adderley Positive Research Incubator sessions, contact us at cpo-events@umich.edu.