3 Leadership Trends of 2014

January 28, 2014

www.inc.com | January 28, 2014

Will Yakowicz interviews Chris White, Managing Director of the Center for Positive Organization, about recent leadership trends. Chris offers the example of “‘endogenous resourcing,'” an academic term that refers to finding unique ways to unlock employees’ hidden strengths.” He goes on to highlight Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods, as a particularly fine practitioner of endogenous resourcing. “‘He draws on individuals’ strengths in a way that is firm yet deferential and open,’ Chris says.”

Also interviewed is Fred Keller, founder and CEO of Cascade Engineering. Yakowicz writes, “Cascade, which Keller started in 1973, now has 12 business units around the world, producing auto parts, furniture components, waste containers, and installing wind turbines, solar panels, and affordable water filters for the developing world. Cascade is the largest manufacturing business certified as a B Corporation, which means it has made a commitment to solving social and environmental problems and meets a lengthy set of performance, accountability, and transparency standards.”

Chris White, Walter Robb, and Fred Keller will all be speaking at the Positive Business Conference in may.