Choosing to Love: A Radical Way to Change How You Live

February 19, 2013

By: Robert E. Quinn

Originally posted on the LIFT Blog

An old friend’s father taught her love was a choice.  So, she told me, wherever she is and with whomever she finds herself, she makes the choice to love the people she is with.

I found this striking.  As long as I have known her she has seemed filled with love. She is one of my favorite people.  Yet never had I heard this story or realized that she lives the way she does by proactive choice.  She was making a claim that violates normal assumptions.  Love is not something you occasionally fall into. It is something you can continually create.  In fact, in her way of living, love is a skill to be developed through the process of conscious choice.

Question: How would your life change if you chose to master the skill of love?