Chris White interviewed for Forbes article on building a positive organization

December 13, 2013

In the Forbes article, “6 Essential Ways To Build A Positive Organziation, ” CPO Managing Director, Chris White, citing research from CPO faculty, explains six ways to create positive organizations that make the utmost of human performance.

Focus Behavior on the Do’s, Not Just the Don’ts

Kim Cameron is cited for his research on virtuousness, and how attributes like generosity, forgiveness, and compassion can improve performance in the workplace. Additionally, CPO Faculty member David Mayer is mentioned for his work on ethical organizations, specifically moving beyond preventing unethical behavior and moving toward promoting high-integrity actions.

Help People Connect Positive Meaning to Their Tasks and Projects

Research from Adam Grant shows that “Illustrating how teams’ tasks and responsibilities actual make a difference in people’s lives can significantly improve their effectiveness.”

Offer People Structured Freedom to Shape Their Own Roles

Research from Adam Grant, Amy Wrzesniewski, and Justin Berg is attributed to the Job Crafting Exercise, which helps employees tap into authenticity and re-shape their roles at work.

Find the Energy in Your Organizations

Wayne Baker‘s research on energy networks demonstrates the delicate balance of creating organizational change.

Build Positive Self-Identities at Work

The Reflected Best Self Exercise is mentioned as a way to create positive self-identities at work. The exercise focuses on ‘best-self’ stories which are collected and analyzed to construct a ‘best-self’ portrait.

Draw Strength from High-Quality Connections

Jane Dutton‘s research on high-quality connections demonstrates how forming meaningful connections at work can increase energy, good will, and positive bonds.