CPO professors dominate INC Magazine’s list of best books for leaders

June 28, 2018

INC Magazine recently published a list of the best business books for leaders looking to incorporate positive leadership practices into their organizations.

On the list of eight books the magazine says the “smartest leaders have already read,” three are written by Michigan Ross Faculty from the Center for Positive Organizations, meaning books from Michigan Ross faculty make up almost 40 percent of INC’s list.

The books highlighted focus on the undeniable benefits of positively leading teams toward a defined vision, tools for inspiring groups to succeed, and how to successfully craft positive cultural change in your organization. Take a look:

How to be a Positive Leader
by Jane E. Dutton and Gretchen M. Spreitzer (editors)

From INC: “This collection of 13 essays explores how managers can learn to use positive leadership skills to actually draw energy from their day-to-day responsibilities rather than depleting their reserves. It offers insights into how leaders can use hope instead of fear to unlock their employees’ potential, including four strategies to leverage positive leadership and ‘Enable Thriving at Work.’”


Lift 2.0 The Fundamental State of LeadershipLift
by Ryan Quinn and Robert Quinn

From INC: “Lift helps managers develop tools to shield themselves against burnout and complacency from the daily grind. When managers fail to develop these tools, they start to feel that there is little they can do to improve. By providing skills to combat ‘management morose,’ Lift enables managers to inspire energy, passion, and openness to new ideas for the long haul.”


Practicing Positive Leadership
by Kim Cameron

From INC: “Cameron, a co-founder of the Center for Positive Organizations at the University of Michigan, outlines steps that managers can take ‘to use positive leadership practices, tools, and techniques to create an organizational cultural change.’ The aim, Cameron continues, is to create a ‘culture of abundance.’ Cameron offers a tool kit for management teams to proactively lead and sustain positive organizational change.”