David Mayer on leadership legacies in Fast Company

March 16, 2016

By: Dave M. Mayer

In David Mayer‘s latest Fast Company column, “Here’s How Self-Centeredness Can Make You More Considerate,” he explains how “thinking about yourself—in one way in particular—might actually make you more considerate of others.”

Mayer explores the history of legacies; in particular the account of Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel, whose legacy established the Nobel prizes, as well as several modern day leaders, writers, and even researchers who study the importance of creating a legacy. “The only problem,” Mayer writes, “is that virtually everything about the modern business world incentivizes near-term strategic thinking and leaves little room for—or even outright discourages—the reverse.”

Mayer is an associate professor of management and organizations and a member of the Center for Positive Organizations core faculty team.