Do You Have a Job, Career or Calling?

March 4, 2014 | March 4, 2014

Samantha Boardman, writing for the Huffington Post, discusses the differences between jobs, careers, and callings. In the article, she mentions Jane Dutton, as well as Adam Grant and Amy Wrzesnieswki, members of the CPO Research Advisory Board.

Some highlights:

“Wrzesnieswki believes that people with Callings… view their work in ways that allow them to experience it as a source of joy and meaning. In order to turn a job into a career or calling she recommends ‘job crafting.’ Job crafting entails the redesign of one’s job in ways that foster satisfaction, engagement, resilience and thriving at work — hopefully making the job a greater source of well-being.”

“Relationships in life, including work relationships, matter for well-being. In her book Energize Your Workplace, Jane Dutton highlights the importance of making high quality connections at work. Not only do high quality connections foster greater positivity at the office but greater marital satisfaction as well.”

“Adam Grant describers a new definition of success as: “not what you achieve, but what you help other people achieve.” Every job touches the life of someone else, from laying bricks to building cathedrals. How does yours?