Future of Compassion in Business – Video

April 29, 2013

By: Monica Worline, Jane Dutton

Originally posted on Compassion at Work Blog

In this video discussing the future of care and compassion in business, Dr. Jane Dutton discusses this as a particularly generative time for thinking about compassion in business, with new possibilities and organizations emerging to generate scientific and social advances in the study and practice of compassion.

New scientific interest, including a Center for Compassion and Altruism Research at Stanford University, is fueled by rapid advances in the study of neuroscience and related fields that promise to tell us more about the biological and psychological underpinnings of empathy. These advances are fueled and supported by leaders who understand a need for developing compassion in business.

We also find a groundswell of interest in fostering compassionate institutions, including compassionate cities, compassionate universities, and compassionate organizations of all kinds, led by the energy surrounding Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion, which promotes compassion as a global force for well-being.

To learn more about these emerging social movements, visit the International Working Group of Compassionate Organizations dedicated to fostering compassionate organizations, and the Compassion Action Network, dedicated to promoting compassion as a guiding principle.