Graditude Journal – The Advanced Version

December 8, 2012

By: Chris White

Originally posted on Lead Positively

You may have heard the remarkable research finding before: those who write down three good things that happened in their life each day for a week are happier and less depressed, even sixth months later than those who do not do this practice. Those who continue the practice on after the week have even stronger positive responses.

I too had heard about the research findings, but I just discovered I might be missing something. I am currently reading Marty Seligman’s Flourish, and discovered that there is a Part Two for each “daily gratitude”: to write down why each thing happened.

Immediately, I realized that this is much more effective. I had found myself defaulting to bullet points when just noting what good things had happened. By adding the “why”, it requires me to stay with the sensation of gratitude longer. It prevents the exercise from becoming rote. Well worth learning and adjusting the proverbial golf swing just a little!