Happy, happy, joy, joy: Books, apps bubble it up

March 20, 2014

www.usatoday.com | Cassandra Spratling

Today is International Day of Happiness! This article from USA Today, focused on the research of happiness, mentions both the Positive Business Conference and the work of Ross Professor Gretchen Spreitzer:

“Studies, including one out of the University of Michigan’s prestigious Ross School of Business, show that happiness pays in employees’ health and well-being and the company’s bottom line.

“‘There is great and significant proof that correlates health and happiness and business productivity and happiness,’ said Karol DeWulf Nickell, editor in chief of Live Happy magazine, which is available in print and at www.livehappy.com.

“‘It can cause you to be healthier, live longer and live more rewarding lives at work and at home,’ said Nickell, whose bimonthly publication debuted in October.

“She cited the study from the Ross School, which in May will host its first-ever Positive Business Conference, at which national business leaders will explore positive ways to impact productivity and employee engagement.

“The decade-long study of both blue- and white-collar workers defines employee happiness as employees thriving — feeling energized, engaged and growing, said Gretchen Spreitzer, U-M professor of management and organizations and lead author of the study.

“‘When people are thriving, they are healthier, less burned out and less stressed in large part because they are creating energy versus deleting energy,’ Spreitzer said.

“A work culture that supports happiness can pay off in reduced health care and other costs, she said. ‘It translates into fewer doctor’s visits, fewer missed days at work and lower rates of reported burnout resulting from less stress. One of the key reasons people go on disability is stress. It shows up in depression, anxiety and bad health habits that people are more likely to engage in because they are stressed.'”