Jane Dutton and Monica Worline interviewed by Scott Barry Kaufman

August 23, 2017

Jane Dutton and Monica Worline, co-authors of Awakening Compassion at Work: the quiet power that elevates people and organizations, were interviewed about compassion in the workplace by Scott Barry Kaufman for The Psychology Podcast.

In the interview, Dutton and Worline defined four steps for being compassionate, addressed gender differences, considered technology’s role in a changing work culture, looked at the long term challenges and potential for creating compassion in organizations, and more.

Dutton is co-founder for the Center for Positive Organizations and Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Emerita Professor of Business Administration and Psychology. She researches the power of positive relationships at work, job crafting, and positive identities.

Worline is a CPO faculty associate and founder and CEO of EnlivenWork, an organization that teaches businesses how to use compassionate leadership to enliven, or humanize and energize, the work they do.