Julia Lee awarded “Best Symposium” at 2016 Academy of Management

August 24, 2016

The Behavioral Ethics at Work” session, chaired by Julia Lee and Ting Zhang, was honored with the Best Symposium Award at the Academy of Management in Anaheim, CA. The symposium responded to the challenge of developing practical approaches to reduce unethical behavior at work. It sought to do this by addressing three main topics: how to consider the unintended consequences of existing practices aimed to promote other positive organizational behaviors, how to develop values-oriented interventions that will affect individuals’ mindsets towards ethics, and how to build external environments that reduce cheating.

At the Academy of Management, she chaired/co-chaired two other symposia: “The Power of Reflection at Work” and “The Dynamics of Leader Identity and Leadership Behavior in Organizations.” The latter included Laura Sonday and Susan Ashford as co-chairs, and Mary Uhl-Bien as a discussant.

Julia Lee is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Positive Organizations. Her work focuses on developing employees’ full potential through behaviors that reinforce health, honesty, and productivity.