Lynn Perry Wooten suggests systemic changes to help women advance at work

November 15, 2021

Lynn Perry WootenCenter for Positive Organizations (CPO) faculty affiliate Lynn Perry Wooten writes about “Why work isn’t working for women” in the Boston Business Journal.

The article, co-authored with Eos Foundation President Andrea Silbert, examines the burden COVID-19 has placed on working women, who have taken on more housework and caregiving duties than men during the pandemic. The article notes a 2020 study that found, as a result, women dropped out of the workforce at a rate four times faster than men.

The article also suggests systemic changes employers and domestic partners can implement to help women not just stay in the workplace, but advance.

“The recent setback for women means we must double down on efforts to accelerate not only their retention, but their advancement,” Wooten and Silbert write. “The question isn’t what do we miss in a workforce without women leaders, but what do we gain, when women succeed? Studies show workplace diversity drives innovation, profitability, and closing the gender gap could add trillions to the global economy.”

Wooten is president of Simmons University.

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