Michelle Segar shares New Year’s resolution tips in U.S. News and World Report blog

December 30, 2015

In her Eat + Run blog post for U.S. News and World Report, “3 Things People Who Stick to Their New Year’s Resolutions Do Differently,” Michelle Segar discusses research that supports motivation and behavior.

Segar suggests that people who stick to their resolutions do so because they want to, that they have an intrinsic motivation that supports their behavior change. She explains that successful goal setters prioritize self-care and use strategies that plan for obstacles (such as “if, then” planning) to keep themselves on track.

Segar is a CPO faculty associate and director of the U-M Sport Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center. She will present the first Positive Links Speaker Series of 2016 on January 12. Learn more and register.