Michelle Segar on The Magic Pill podcast

September 26, 2016

The work of motivation scientist Michelle Segar was mentioned in the new podcast, The Magic Pill. The episode, titled “What Exercise Means To You,” examined the far-reaching effects of physical activity, including stress reduction and fostering creativity. Included in the discussion was a study in which people were told they had to do a one mile walk; one group was told the walk was for exercise, while another group was told it was for fun. Those who were told the walk was for exercise reported having worse moods, making worse food choices, and having a greater sense of depletion after the walk.

Segar’s findings somewhat challenge the notion of  prescribed exercise routines, which can lead to “cycles of failure,” as they are described in her book, No Sweat. The episode examined further implications of what is “for fun” and what is mandatory, reaching intriguing discoveries about the nature of motivation.

Michelle Segar is a faculty associate with the Center for Positive Organizations. Her work integrates principles of Positive Organizational Scholarship with decision-making and marketing science, to design new patient-systems that make self-care and well-being a priority . She is the author of No Sweat (2015), which explores the lasting effects of motivation on fitness and well-being.