Olivia (Mandy) O’Neill shares insights on stress with Women at Work podcast

June 7, 2021

Photo: Claudia Barbosa on Pexels
Mandy O'Neill

Olivia (Mandy) O’Neill

Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) research advisory board member Olivia (Mandy) O’Neill visits the Harvard Business Review podcast Women at Work for an episode called “The Essentials: Dealing with Stress.”

O’Neill joins nurse practitioner Sarah Rose Lamport and host Amy Bernstein to discuss stress management and actions that can help control tension, anxiety, and stressors.

O’Neill says emotional intelligence is crucial to preventing stress from reaching dangerous, unhealthy levels.

“At the most fundamental level, emotional intelligence is recognizing our own emotions and managing our own emotions,” O’Neill says. “Part of recognizing our own emotions is recognizing our physiology. So, we can feel our heart beating. We can feel our breathing increase.”

“We can also feel when it starts to have an impact on our body in a dysfunctional way,” she says. “But people are often very out of touch with their own bodies. I think that being more in touch with our bodies, recognizing those emotions, is a key part of it.”

O’Neill says exercise and positive relationships can help to release stress.

O’Neill is an Associate Professor of Management at George Mason University.