Sara Soderstrom, Kate Heinze research in Erb publication

January 14, 2019

Kathryn Heinze (L) and Sara Soderstrom (R)Recent Positive Links Speakers Sara Soderstrom and Kathyrn Heinze were featured in the Big & Bold Research section of the Fall 2018 issue of the The Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprises’ magazine ICYMI. 

In the article, Soderstrom recalls her experience presenting their research at Sustainable Brands 2018. “We did a case study on the Detroit Lions and how they developed a new, more strategic approach to engagement with the local community. We started to explore what the Lions were doing and how they were having such a positive impact,” Soderstrom wrote. 

Soderstrom and Heinze talked about their work with the Detroit Lions during their Positive Links Speaker Series session on December 4, 2018 titled “Company-Community Partnerships for Purpose and Sustainable Impact.” 

Soderstrom is an Assistant Professor in Organizational Studies and Program in the Environment at University of Michigan. She is a faculty associate at the Center for Positive Organizations and core faculty at the Erb Institute. In her research, Soderstrom aims to contribute an organizational perspective on how society develops solutions to critical global sustainability challenges. Heinze is an Associate Professor of Sport Management and a Faculty Associate at the Center for Positive Organizations. Her research seeks to understand organizational and institutional change.