Scott Sonenshein recently featured on Dare to Lead podcast with Brené Brown

May 24, 2022

By: Scott Sonenshein

Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) Faculty Affiliate Scott Sonenshein had a timely and intense conversation about reimagining work on the Dare to Lead Podcast with Brené Brown.

In the episode, “Why We’ll Never Be the Same Again (and Why It’s Time to Talk About It),” Scott talked about the pandemic, racial reckoning, and the changes coming to our work lives – and why businesses should play a bigger part in advancing fair and humane communities.

“The world is always changing. Now it’s a racial reckoning and a pandemic. Before this, we had the 2008 recession and the dot-com boom. If you think you’re going to come in and operate your business as if it’s February 2020, you’re going to get crushed. If you think you’re leading the same workforce – people with the same mindset, the same mentality, the same desires, and the same priorities – you are nuts. You have to change or get out of the way. There’s no turning back. This is the big reset, and that’s where the hope and opportunity live.”

Sonenshein is a Professor of Management at Rice University.