Sparks of Kindness: How about BIG experiments?

January 21, 2015

By: Wayne Baker

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First I recommended the idea of starting small—trying a Spark of Kindness as a small experiment in a safe place. This is a good piece of practical wisdom.

But, you can also go big! Sparks can be small or large—any Spark can start a wildfire! Is a big experiment for you?

Sparks of Kindness is a social movement, a growing network of people who spread kindness through big and small acts. Here’s one of the big ones that occurred recently. It’s the story of a single mom with 3 young children, who writes:

“I lost my mother 12 years ago, and I really don’t have any family in the area to help me. Needless to say … I am overwhelmed! Well, my son’s Boy Scout troop was at my house last Sunday for our meeting, and the leaders saw that I really needed help with several things around my house (along with mounds of laundry that I can never keep up with). So, they asked if they could get their church small group together to come help me this weekend. And they were at my house all day today!!!

“They even insisted that I leave for a little while so that I could relax and enjoy myself. I cannot begin to describe how much this touched my heart!!!! They worked tirelessly to fix my garage door, lawn mower, heater, bathroom sink…. And they cleaned every inch that they had time for, along with working on so much laundry. I am overwhelmed with gratitude!!!”

What’s your reaction to this story?
Have you been the beneficiary of a big Spark?
What would be a big experiment for you?