The Cloud Brings a Rise in Coworking

March 19, 2014 | Terry Kosdrosky

Writing for CPA Practice Advisor, Terry Kosdrosky reports on some recent research findings by Gretchen Spreitzer and Lyndon Garrett, who have been looking into the effects of the recent trend of coworking:

“U-M Ross Professor Gretchen Spreitzer and Ross PhD student Lyndon Garrett are researching this emerging trend, and the early evidence shows it helps isolated workers thrive and be more productive. They see a couple of business models emerging, with lessons from coworking spaces that companies can adopt to enliven their offices.

“Spreitzer is an expert on how organizations can help people thrive at work. She and Garrett are joined by co-author Pete Bacevice PhD ’10 Education — a New York-based design strategist, workplace researcher, and part-time lecturer at Parsons The New School for Design — on the coworking research.

“‘We hear often that people don’t want to work in a traditional office environment, but they miss interacting with people,’ says Spreitzer, the Keith E. and Valerie J. Alessi Professor of Business Administration and professor of management and organizations. ‘It’s not just a feeling. Research shows that people are more productive and collaborative when they are working around others. Chance encounters and conversations spark creativity, and ideas are shared.'”