Two Easy Systems for Positivity

December 11, 2012

By: Chris White

Originally posted on Lead Positively

Research suggests that the single best way to improve your own mood is to do something nice for others. How can we create mechanisms to make this part of the fabric of our organizations? Here are two examples.

Firstly, in just twenty minutes I set up a new system for gratitude, appreciation and encouragement. I thought I’d share here. Here’s the email I sent to my team at the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship:

Hello everyone, 

Has someone really impressed you recently, and you want to let them know? As you may know, the student mailboxes are no longer there, so it makes it harder to give the students involved with the Center handwritten notes – and I find handwritten notes are for some reason much nicer than emails.
On the wall outside my office (ER3603), I have posted an envelope for every student, faculty and staff member connected with the Center, as well as an envelope for paper and pens. (See photo!) Whenever you come to my office (or you can make a special trip!), please take a minute to write a little notes or two of gratitude, appreciation or encouragement. One of my old teammates used to call these “sugar cubes”. Please pick up your notes from time to time too, and poke your head into my office to say hi. I will be writing notes – and I will be a delivery guy from time to time too!

Secondly, we begin our faculty meetings with “One Minute Celebrations”. Everyone shares one thing they have to celebrate since the group was last together. It sets a tone of supportive encouragement and connection that can then be carried forward into the rest of the meeting.


What are some other easy systems and habits to support positivity at the group and organizational level?