We need your help building an inspiring Spotify playlist for the Positive Business Conference

April 26, 2016

Reprinted from Ross Thought in Action

It’s like the old saying goes: A good conference is nothing without a good soundtrack…

Well, at least we think that’s an old saying?

On May 12-13, Michigan Ross will host its third annual Positive Business Conference, featuring presentations from executives at Google, Patagonia, PwC, and the Kellogg Company, among many others. These leaders will take the stage to help empower attendees to become positive change agents within their organizations.

It’s going to be an event filled with positive vibes and inspiring discussions, but conference organizers need your help to put the finishing touches on the experience, in the form of a Positive Business Conference Playlist.

Request a Song

We need your help to select the music that will be played during the conference! Just use the form below to add your favorite positive, happy song to our conference playlist. Or, just listen to it below to brighten your day.

Spotify users can add to the playlist directly; just look for Michigan Ross and follow our Positive Business Conference Playlist. You can also request a song on Twitter using the tag #MGoPositive.