Hilary Hoyt

Doctoral Student Affiliate, Center for Positive Organizations

PhD Candidate in Management and Organizations, Ross School of Business

University of Michigan

I believe organizations can be forces for good, with influence beyond the full-time employees who are the usual focus of organizational behavior research.

Many of my projects involve people sometimes thought to be on the margins of organizational life–low-wage, remote, or temporary workers, for example, or the family members of employees. I am particularly interested in how these groups experience belonging, shared purpose, and a sense of community through their (perhaps more tenuous) organizational ties.

In my dissertation, I explore how members of a startup deal with losses associated with rapid company growth. In another study, I examine how employees experience manager-led activities designed to build relationships. Findings suggest how people co-create a sense of “mattering at work,” and what happens when they do.

Pronouns: she/her
Pronunciation: HILL-uh-ree HOYt

Phone: 801-380-3871