Jim Walsh

Faculty Associate, Center for Positive Organizations

A.F. Thurnau Professor; Gerald and Esther Carey Professor of Business Administration; Professor of Management & Organizations; Professor of Strategy; Chair of Strategy

University of Michigan

Research, teaching, and service define Walsh’s professional life. Two qualities distinguish much of his work. His is fascinated by cross-level relationships: the influences between and among individuals, organizations, and society. And as romantic as it may sound, he thinks we are all called to try to leave the world a better place. The desire to better understand these cross-level relationships, done with a clear eye on bettering our world, animates most everything he does.

Broadly, the study of how organizations enhance or undermine our well-being is the study of corporate governance. His research explores the purpose, accountability, and control of the firm (and even more generally, business itself) in society. His teaching aspiration is to help students learn to lead. With leadership rooted in a person’s being, knowing, and doing, he is open to all kinds of teaching approaches. He is particularly drawn to action-based learning. Ultimately, he believes we are called to service. He has tried to contribute to the University of Michigan, Dartmouth College (earlier in his career), and his profession over the years. His personal web page depicts the life he lives: jamespwalsh.com. Take a look if you are interested to learn more about his specific research, teaching, and service commitments.