Ted London

Faculty Associate, Center for Positive Organizations

Ford Motor Company Clinical Professor of Business Administration; Senior Research Fellow, William Davidson Institute; Area Chair of Business Administration

University of Michigan

Ted London is the Ford Motor Company Clinical Professor and Area Chair of Business Administration at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and a senior research fellow at the William Davidson Institute. An internationally recognized expert on the intersection of business strategy and poverty alleviation, his research focuses on how organizations can achieve impact at scale, with a particular focus on building sustainable, scalable enterprises for low-income markets.

He has published numerous articles, reports, and teaching cases, sits on several advisory boards, and shares his research in venues across the globe. He has also advised dozens of leadership teams in the corporate, non-profit, and development sectors. Before coming to Michigan, London was on the faculty at the University of North Carolina, where he also received his PhD in strategic management. Prior to that, he held senior management positions in three continents.

London was honored to receive the Aspen Institute’s Faculty Pioneer Award, which recognized his long-standing contributions to and impact on the development of inclusive business and how it is taught in the classroom. His multi-award winning book, The Base of the Pyramid Promise: Building Businesses with Impact and Scale, translates over 25 years of research and experience into actionable strategies, frameworks, and tools for managers seeking inclusive growth.