Positive Business Project

The Positive Business Project (PBP) is an annual student-led initiative presented by the Center for Positive Organizations aimed at identifying, studying, celebrating, and spreading positive business in organizations of all types.

  • Has your organization created positive change?
  • Does your organization create meaningful jobs and value for all stakeholders?
  • Does your organization bring out the best in its people in terms of their performance and their humanity?
  • Has your organization been a great neighbor to the community and environment?
  • Does your organization address important societal and environmental issues, needs, and opportunities?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then we invite your organization to participate in the 2018 Positive Business Project!

Each year, submissions to the PBP are reviewed by a panel of University of Michigan undergraduate and graduate students, Michigan Ross professors, and business leaders affiliated with the Center for Positive Organizations. Outstanding submissions are recognized at the annual Positive Business Conference, held in early May at the Ross School of Business.

The PBP helps to grow an impressive network of individuals and organizations committed to positive business, generating more awareness of the field and connecting those who practice it every day. Past awardees and current awardees are able to connect each year at the Positive Business Conference to support, and continue to grow this community.

Visit the www.positivebusinessproject.com to learn more, apply, or nominate a company.