October 25, 2017

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Keynote Topics and Event Schedules

Michigan League:

Topic: Positive Psychology and Positive Education

  • 8:00-8:45 a.m.:  Check-in and continental breakfast
  • 8:45-10:00 a.m.:  Keynote presentation
  • 10:20-11:10 a.m.: Companion sessions (separate registration required)
  • 11:20 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.:  Companion sessions (separate registration required)

Dow Auditorium:

Topic:  The Hope Circuit

  • 12:15-12:50 p.m.:  Check-in and light refreshments
  • 12:50-2:00 p.m.:  Keynote presentation

MHealthy is pleased to offer this event at no charge, however, registration is required. All faculty, staff, students are welcome.


Due to widespread interest of these sold-out events, we will livestream Dr. Seligman’s discussions at the Michigan League and Dow Auditorium. Come back to this page on Oct. 25 to tune in.

  • 8:45 a.m. livestream: “Positive Psychology and Positive Education,” Michigan League presentation. Watch the livestream.
  • 12:50 p.m. livestream: “The Hope Circuit,” Dow Auditorium presentation. Watch the livestream.

Presentation Overview:

What is Positive Psychology? In simple terms, positive psychology is the study of happiness and what makes life most worth living. It is the study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.

In his keynotes, Dr. Martin Seligman will discuss how finding meaning and purpose at work and at home can lead to feeling happier and more fulfilled. His presentation will be tailored to address specific challenges related to working in an educational or a health system environment.

Attend to hear from one of the pioneers in the field of positive psychology and discover how to:

  • Cultivate what is best within you to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life at work and play
  • Build on the best things in life vs. focusing on the worst
  • Focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses

Companion Sessions:

Following Dr. Seligman’s morning presentation at the Michigan League, U-M expert-led companion sessions will be offered that dive deeper into positive psychology and related topics.

Books Available at Event:

Dr. Seligman’s best-selling books Flourish and Authentic Happiness, as well as his latest title, Homo Prospectus, will be available for purchase at the event.

About Dr. Martin Seligman:

Martin Seligman is a best-selling author and pioneer in the field of positive psychology. He has devoted his career to furthering the study of positive emotion, positive character traits, and positive institutions. He is the Zellerbach Family Professor of Psychology and Director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, where he focuses on positive psychology, learned helplessness, depression, and optimism. He is the author of several books, including Flourish, Authentic Happiness, Learned Optimism, What You Can Change & What You Can’t, and The Optimistic Child, among many others.

Questions? Contact mhealthy@umich.edu