September 20, 2017

7:30 p.m.

All welcome

Ross Building, Robertson Auditorium, 701 Tappan

About the event:

High performers are known to seek out competitive situations that continually test their abilities; however, continual exposure to competitive environments can result in a critical inner voice that interferes with performance. Having a critical inner voice creates unnecessary stress and even the feeling of being an imposture. It also prevents high performers from ever feeling satisfied with their work and to perceive themselves as accomplished. Artie Wu has developed an approach for helping high performers master their inner voice. He will be sharing strategies that high performers can use to thrive in highly selective academic or corporate environments despite the stress and social comparison that often come with these settings.

About Wu:

Artie Wu currently teaches meditation at Preside and advises startups on fundraising strategies and management. Previously he was the founder-CEO of two venture-backed technology companies across the span of over 10 years. He holds an MBA from Stanford and undergraduate degree in economics from Harvard. He currently resides in San Francisco, California.