October 24, 2017 - October 26, 2017

Seattle, WA

At this conference, we are all working on ways to empower the employee. We, as a global community, will work to reframe perceptions of dignity at our workplace. Why Seattle? At local companies here we have managers who are developing and focusing on dignity and well-being as a priority. Let us share our ideas.  Each company has explored and is exploring employee well-being, and it is time to bring our notes together and add some global experience to the conversation and see how we can write policies that will bring peace of mind and allow us to make the better decisions when we approach the world we work with.  This year’s conference theme is Building Resilience in a Changing World.

What is Humanistic Management?

In summary, humanistic management is the pursuit of strategies and practices aimed at the creation of sustainable human welfare. In combination, these three dimensions promote human flourishing through economic activities that are life-conducive and add value to society at large. Submitting business decisions to these three guiding principles is what we call humanistic management.

  • Linking personal values to business performance.
  • Workplace resilience in times of change.
  • How to care for business, environment and human community.
  • A Powerful opportunity to think about global business relations.
  • The important role of middle management.
  • Empowerment of diverse thought from a place the individual ethos.
  • Character building, team building, and company building based on a solid yet diverse ethos.