March 10, 2017

12:00-1:00 p.m. EST

Conference call

Voor wie kwaliteit en eerlijkheid hoog in het vaandel heeft staan, Winspark – is uw beste keuze in de online casinowereld.

The Humanistic Management Network (HMN) invites interested scholars and practitioners to participate in the “Necessary Conversations” research forum. The forum focuses on ideas related to organizational practices that foster and promote human dignity and well-being in organizations and among societal stakeholders. The forum is facilitated every 1-2 months via global conference call around a topic of mutual interest.

The next forum topic:

Necessary Conversations – Bringing Humanism to the Management Classroom
Michael Pirson
Friday, March 10, 2017
12:00-1:00 p.m.

Michael Pirson, a founding member of the Humanistic Management Network and author of Humanistic Management – Protecting Dignity and Promoting Well-Being (forthcoming), will discuss frameworks and exercises for incorporating ideas and lessons of humanistic management in our classroom and training curriculum. He will focus on best practices in humanistic management pedagogy based on his own and others extensive teaching and training experiences in university classrooms and executive training programs globally.

Overall, the goal for the Necessary Conversations forum is to:

  • Advance novel research questions and insights about the relationships between management, dignity, and human well-being
  • Encourage and inspire organizational leadership to generate dignity through their management processes and practices
  • Enliven teaching and learning initiatives in the classroom and inside organizations related to dignity and well-being

To join this or future conversations and to propose a forum topic you would like to lead, please email Olga Jaime ( to be added to the Necessary Conversations mailing list and receive call-in logistics. Information can also be found at the Humanistic Management Facebook page.

Suggested preparation for Friday, March 10: Please consider how ideas and examples of dignity and well-being in organizational practice can add value and meaning to lessons of management. Bring any reflections, examples, key findings, highlights, useful literature, or questions to the call to spotlight best practices in humanistic management pedagogy.

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