February 07, 2024

2:00 p.m. ET

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Scholar presenter:

Nitya Chawla, University of Minnesota

Seed generators:

Jamie Ladge, Northeastern University

Laura Little, University of Georgia


Riding the Highs and Lows: Understanding the Work-Related Implications of Daily Parenting Uplifts and Hassles

Talk description:

Organizational scholarship has long-acknowledged the unique challenges faced by working parents as they navigate dual identities and responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. Yet, while prior research has largely examined parenthood as a source of role overload and/or work-life conflict, there is growing recognition of its enriching effects. In the current research, we build on these diverging perspectives to examine the impact of daily parenting uplifts (i.e., positive, gratifying events associated with parenthood; e.g., children displaying affection, being praised by children) and daily parenting hassles (i.e., frustrating, distressing demands associated with parenthood; e.g., getting children ready on time, running extra errands for children). In addition, we also explore the extent to which mothers and fathers are differentially impacted by these daily experiences. Using an experience sampling study of 114 working parents (Level 1 n = 949 day-level observations), we found that daily parenting uplifts are associated with greater optimism and parental confidence, with these affective and cognitive states having important implications for behaviors at work—in terms of greater work engagement, parent-directed citizenship behaviors—as well as behaviors at home—in terms of increased parental investment in the evening. Daily parenting hassles, on the other hand, reduced both optimism and parental confidence; these effects were heightened for mothers (vs. fathers). We aim to build on these findings by designing an experimental experience sampling study that uses an intervention aimed at helping working parents begin their workdays by focusing on their parenting uplifts, allowing them to thrive at work and at home via increased optimism and parental confidence. Details of the intervention and results of this study will be presented during the incubator.

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