April 13, 2020 - May 25, 2020

Free, self-paced online course

Learn how positive practices can help you thrive during these challenging times

When many of us feel challenged enough just getting through the day, thriving simply means finding ways to meet those challenges – large or small – with creativity, resourcefulness, and agility.

We invite you to join us in the Thrive in Trying Times Teach-Out, a free learning experience and global conversation to consider how positive practices might help you navigate this time of stress.

You will learn with experts from the Center for Positive Organizations about concrete actions you can take as an individual, a family, an organization, and a community. This teach-out was created in partnership with the University of Michigan Center for Academic Innovation.

In this teach-out, you will:

  • Explain what the concept of “thriving” means to you during this time.
  • Apply research-backed practices that help you navigate uncertainty and stress.
  • Explore basic positive organizing concepts such as resilience, gratitude, reframing, and social connection.
  • Contribute your own experiences and creative solutions and learn from others.

The teach-out runs from now until May 25, 2020, includes approximately four hours of content, and is accessible via Michigan Online on learning platforms Cousera and FutureLearn.

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