September 18, 2023

4:00 – 5:30 pm ET

Virtual via Zoom Meeting

This event is for current Positive Organizations Consortium members and Thriving Catalyst students only.

Session Description:

While navigating our digitally distributed attention, we often become trapped in a reified or limited sense of self and others, hindering our ability to engage meaningfully with the demands of a diverse workplace. Join us for a workshop that aims to offer a solution – a holistic, Mindful Mindset approach that fosters personal, social, and ecological connectivity, expanding the horizons of our possible selves and our vision of others. If you are working toward an organization that offers deep respect and grants people dignity, this workshop will reinforce, expand, and strengthen your approaches to productive, mindful, dignified engagement.


Ram Mahalingam is a cultural psychologist and scholar who has won numerous awards for his research, teaching, and filmmaking ( Ram is passionate about promoting social justice and mindfulness, and he has developed a framework called Mindful Mindset that prioritizes treating individuals with dignity. He is working to create compassionate and caring workplaces prioritizing their employees’ well-being and dignity. His research explores dignity in three organizational settings: janitorial work, healthcare, and gender and technology. Recently, Ram received the Harold R. Johnson Award from the University of Michigan for his leadership and contributions to the university’s DEI mission and an award from the American Psychological Association (Division 5, Methods) for his outstanding contributions to teaching and mentoring. Ram is the Director of the Barger Leadership Institute (BLI) and a professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. At BLI, he has developed a Mindful Leadership program for undergraduates and a Global Mindful Peace Leadership program that encourages students to envision a world of peace by listening to the stories of Hibakushas and peace activists from Hiroshima. Ram is also learning Sumie-a and is a key collaborator on a multimedia art installation called “Being Brown in Michigan: Narratives of South Asians at the University of Michigan.


Monica Worline is Faculty Director of Engaged Learning and Innovation at the Center for Positive Organizations


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