Community, practice, and science of thriving organizations

What is the +LAB?

The +LAB is a co-curricular student program that brings together undergraduate and graduate students from across the university in a dynamic learning environment designed to:

  • Immerse students in the theory and practice of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS), which we also refer to as the science of thriving
  • Equip students to apply what they have learned to be organizational change agents
  • Engage with inspirational organizational leaders and pioneering scholars
  • Build a community of students passionate about understanding and creating high-performing organizations that bring out the best in people

    The +LAB experience

    “I knew I was interested in helping people flourish, but the +LAB has given that desire direction, voice, and most of all given me encouragement and support to fully embrace this part of my future.”

    Former +LAB student

    Selected students complete the application, participate in a community interview session, and are invited to the +LAB in early fall. The program is scheduled to kick off in October and runs through the end of February. During the program, +LAB students are expected to attend the majority of +LAB events and register for MO 455/555 in Winter A semester.

    Huddles and events
    • Huddles: Monthly +LAB Friday learning sessions are called huddles. Engage with organizational and academic leaders who equip and inspire our students with case studies, pioneering research, and positive organizational practices. Huddles are large group events and typically take place from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET. 
    • Tools & Tips Events: Explore science of thriving practices that have been tried and tested through CPO faculty, staff, and programs in a small group setting.
    • Alumni Hour: Connect with CPO alumni visitors and learn about their journeys as change makers and researchers during informal small group sessions.
    • Buddy Brunches: Build community quickly through these small group events that gather +LAB students, both new and returning.
    • Book Club: Read and reflect on books authored by science of thriving scholars in a small group setting.
    • Open Hour: A “no-agenda-space” designed to adjust into whatever students need to sit with the world’s events together. Even more specifically, this space is designed so that our community can talk with and listen to each other about discrimination, anti-racism, the COVID-19 pandemic, resilience, and transitions.
    • Thriving Accelerator Workshop Series: Engage with Ross thought leaders and with world-renowned tools, created by Ross faculty, to deepen students’ self-awareness and ability to resource others. All U-M students are welcome to register for Thriving Accelerators
    • CPO Events: Gain inspiring and practical research-based strategies for building organizations at our monthly Positive Links featuring leading Positive Organizational scholars. Positive Links is free and open to the public.
    MO455/555: Flourishing at Work
    • +LAB students enroll in MO 455/555: The Science of Flourishing at Work and Beyond, a 7-week course in Winter A semester, taught by CPO co-founder Jane Dutton. This course is designed to give students (undergraduate and graduate) a working and practical knowledge of the growing domain of positive organizational scholarship based on an intensive immersion in POS research and practice.
    • POS is an interdisciplinary approach to leading and being in work organizations in ways that call forth the best in people, resulting in individual and collective flourishing. Flourishing is a term that captures the optimal state of functioning of individuals, groups or organizations, with indicators such as thriving, engagement, health, growth and creativity as well as other markers of being in a state of positive deviance.
    • To learn more about the course, check out a recent MO 455/555 syllabus.

    Application process

    The 2021-22 +LAB application will open the week of August 16, 2021. The application process has 2 parts:

    1. Online Form: Complete and submit an online application. The 2021-22 online applications will open the week of August 16 and be due Friday, September 10 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET.
    2. Community Interviews: Applicants are invited to register for one of our Community Interview Sessions once their completed application is reviewed by the CPO Learning Programs Team.
    Key Dates & Deadlines
    • Week of August 16: Online application opens
    • September 10: Online application closes at 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET
    • September 10: Community Interview invitations will be sent to applicants
    • September 13 and 14:  Community Interviews
    • October 1: Kickoff Huddle (First event of the season) at 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET 
    • Winter A Term 2022: MO 455/555, historically on Tuesdays/Thursdays 8:00-10:00 a.m. ET

    Who should apply to the +LAB?

    • Students from all majors and schools at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor are welcome to apply
    • Undergraduate students: Students in their third and fourth years should apply
    • Graduate-level students: Students in any year of their graduate-level studies should apply

    Other ways to get involved

    Register for one of CPO’s Thriving Accelerator Workshop Series events, open to all U-M students, to engage with Ross thought leaders and with world-renowned tools to deepen self-awareness and the ability to resource others. Check out the Magnify Immersion Program, our spring term program for undergraduate students. Explore the undergraduate class listing or the graduate class listing to find a POS course to add to your academic schedule.


    Get in touch with Stacey Scimeca, +LAB Lead, at