2010 Award for Best Paper in POS – The Call of the Wild

February 16, 2011

By Janet Max

The work leading to the publication of The Call of the Wild: Zookeepers, Callings, and the Double-Edged Sword of Deeply Meaningful Work “started on a whim,” noted co-author Jeffery Thompson in the keynote address he gave with co-author Stuart Bunderson.  “It’s the most playful thing I think either of us ever did . . . we thought . . . this is just for fun and maybe we’ll learn something that will lead to other research.”  Instead, they crafted a paper that Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) faculty agreed was the first choice for the 2010 Award for Best Paper in POS.  Wayne Baker presented the award on January 7, 2011, in Ann Arbor, MI, at Looking Back | Moving Ahead, the fifth conference of POS scholars.  Baker also acknowledged the three outstanding finalist papers (see below), and noted that 20 papers in all were submitted for the award.  Co-authors of the winning paper, Stuart Bunderson and Jeffery Thompson, gave the keynote address, with Thompson laying out the genesis of the research and Bunderson exploring the question, “How generalized are these findings?”


2010 Award for Best Paper in POS


The Call of the Wild: Zookeepers, Callings, and the Double-Edged Sword of Deeply Meaningful Work
J. Stuart Bunderson and Jeffery A. Thompson
Administrative Science Quarterly, March 2009 (Volume 54, pages 32-57).
Note: This paper also won the 2010 Academy of Management Organizational Behavior Division Outstanding Publication award.


When Callings are Calling: Crafting Work and Leisure in Pursuit of Unanswered Occupational Callings.
Justin M. Berg, Adam M. Grant, and Victoria Johnson
Organization Science, September-October 2010 (Volume 21, Number 5, pages 973-994).

Bad Drives Psychological Reactions, but Good Propels Behavior
Cynthia S. Wang, Adam D. Galinsky, and J. Keith Murnighan
Psychological Science, May 2009  (Volume 20, Number 5, pages 634-644).

Work Process and Quality of Care in Early Childhood Education: The Role of Job Crafting
Carrie Leana, Eileen Appelbaum, and Iryna Shevchuk
Academy of Management Journal,  December 2009 (Volume 52, Number 6, pages 1169-1192).